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Silk and Lace Dressing Gown - Cheverny  510.00EUR  
Silk and Lace Dressing Gown - Cheverny
The Liliana Casanova Cheverny creates a dreamily pretty and feminine full length dressing gown. Cros…
Silk Chiffon Robe – Vaux le Vicomte  510.00EUR  
Silk Chiffon Robe – Vaux le Vicomte
Liliana Casanova Vaux le Vicomte robe to complete a luxury night set with the long silk nightdress i…
Silk Chiffon Dressing Gown – Castelnaud  525.00EUR  
Silk Chiffon Dressing Gown – Castelnaud
Castelnaud silk chiffon dressing gown or negligee, designed to match the Castelnaud nightdress but e…
Silk Chiffon Robe – Madame de Barry  540.00EUR  
Silk Chiffon Robe – Madame de Barry
Extravagant silk chiffon robe, this is the Madame Du Barry design from Liliana Casanova. It has a ca…
Glamorous Silk Dressing Gown - Chenonceau  548.00EUR  
Glamorous Silk Dressing Gown - Chenonceau
Lilana Casanova Chenonceau is a full length silk dressing gown with generously wide full length slee…
Silk Chiffon Negligee - Longchamp  555.00EUR  
Silk Chiffon Negligee - Longchamp
This high-end designer negligee is designed and made in France using the finest of fabrics. This is …
Silk Chiffon Dressing Gown - Fontainebleau  570.00EUR  
Silk Chiffon Dressing Gown - Fontainebleau
Silk chiffon robe with generously flowing skirt. Fasten with ribbon tie just below the bust. Shown h…
Silk Chiffon Robe - Grâce  570.00EUR  
Silk Chiffon Robe - Grâce
A dreamy silk chiffon robe, Liliana Casanova Grace has a full skirt and long sleeves that are gather…
Luxurious Silk Negligee Chantilly  600.00EUR  
Luxurious Silk Negligee Chantilly
Chantilly negligee is a very romantic design. It has a high waist with a bodice section created from…
Short Chiffon Negligee – Chambord  255.00EUR  
Short Chiffon Negligee – Chambord
Liliana Casanova Chambord short negligee is designed to be worn with the Chambord nightdress. It is …